Why Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Solution?

Why Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Solution?

If you want to keep your windows looking great, it’s time to consider hiring a professional window cleaning solution. This is an important decision, because it can help you save money on your windows while getting quality results.

A good window cleaner should have several years of experience and should be able to handle complicated issues. If you’re not sure how to find a reliable solution, you can use our free tool to get matched with pros near you! Click for more info.

What is it?

Professional window cleaning solution is a soap and water mixture that is used by pro-grade window washers to achieve flawless results. It is used on exterior windows and sometimes inside windows as well.

It is usually a blend of filtered or distilled water, dish soap, and Jet Dry, which prevents streaking on glass. It also helps break up grease and dirt during the cleaning process, allowing cleaner to remove it.

This type of window washing solution is very effective, but it can be difficult to get streak-free results if the water is not purified. It is also important to rinse the solution off the tools after it has been applied.

Pro-grade window washers use a squeegee and scrubber tool with a soap and water solution to wash windows. They also rely on a water-fed pole cleaning setup for outside windows, or use ladders or lifts to clean interior windows.

How do you use it?

The pros use a window cleaning solution that’s a mix of water and liquid dishwashing soap. This mixture can be sprayed onto the interior surfaces of your windows before wiping them down with a microfiber towel and terry cloth rag.

Afterwards, you can clean the exterior of your window using a squeegee to keep it streak-free. Start at the top corner and clean a narrow strip from one side of the window to the other.

Once the strip is clean, you can then squeegee horizontally across the entire window. Repeat this process until you’re done.

If you’re doing a big job, you may need more than one squeegee. It’s also important to rinse your squeegee regularly with water between strokes to avoid streaks.

What are the benefits?

Professional window cleaning solution can help keep your home’s windows looking clean and shiny. This is important for several reasons, including curb appeal and energy efficiency.

It also helps to reduce the amount of dirt and allergens that can collect on your windows, which can affect your family’s health. In addition, it can make rooms appear more spacious and energized.

When it comes to a DIY cleaning solution, white vinegar is an excellent option because it contains acetic acid and possesses antibacterial properties. However, it should never be used in place of a real sanitizing cleaner, as it can actually cause skin irritation and shortness of breath.

For the best results, squeegee windows in horizontal strokes from top to bottom and wipe the rubber blade of the squeegee between swipes. This prevents streaking and leaves a clean strip that makes it easier to apply more solution later.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a professional window cleaning solution depends on the number and size of windows you need to be cleaned. A company may charge per window, or it may use an algorithm that combines the square footage of your home with the number of windows to calculate a fair price.

A standard single-hung or double-hung window costs $8 to $15 to clean, or $5 to $12 for each window pane. You’ll pay more for a storm window, which has four panes, or for a high-rise or second-story window that’s difficult to reach with traditional tools.

Some companies also charge extra to remove mineral deposits, which can develop in hard water areas. These are a white film composed of calcium and lime that can be difficult to remove without special cleaning products. More.



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