How Much Do Window Cleaners Near Me Charge?

When it comes to cleaning windows, many homeowners are unsure of how much to expect. The cost of hiring a professional depends on several factors, including the size and location of your home.

The best way to find out how much window cleaning costs is to call a local company. They can provide you with a free quote. Read on to know more.


Window cleaning is a time-consuming and labor-intensive chore, but it can make your home look better and save you money on utility bills. Besides, it’s good for the environment, too!

The cost of hiring a professional window cleaning company will depend on how often your windows need cleaning. Generally, you should clean them at least twice a year.

Most window cleaners charge per window plus any additional work you ask them to do, such as removing paint or scraping off stains. They may also charge by the number of square feet in your house or by the hour.

A typical window costs $4 to $8 to clean. It can be more expensive if the window has multiple sections separated by trim, or if the window is located high above the ground, making it difficult to access.

Screens are an added expense, especially if they’re specialized solar screens that require special cleaning methods. They can run up to $5 a screen, though some window cleaning services include them in their estimates.


Window cleaners near me typically charge a fee based on the square footage of the building or home. Some cleaners charge per pane, while others use an algorithm to combine square footage with the number of windows.

In general, residential window cleaning prices are lower than commercial cleanings. This is because residential homes usually have fewer windows than bigger buildings and offices.

The frequency of window cleaning can also affect pricing. Generally, homeowners should schedule regular maintenance sessions at least once a year.

When creating your pricing list, take the time to consider how much equipment and supplies you need to complete a job. Investing in reliable and high-quality tools is the best way to minimize downtime and maintain customer trust.


As one of the most hazardous jobs in the world, window cleaning requires careful measures to ensure safety. These include proper ladder use, avoiding falling from heights and using fall arrest equipment.

Aside from a high window cleaner, other people who may be at risk of injury while working at height include building maintenance personnel, roofers, landscapers and plumbers. In this respect, employers are required by law to consider carefully a risk assessment when planning their activities, as well as providing adequate tools and in-depth training.

Wind can be a major factor in preventing safe work on suspended platforms for high-rise window washers. It can slow down the progress of a job, as well as make the platforms slippery.

Other hazards that a high-rise window cleaner faces are seasonal issues, such as hurricane season and heat waves. These can affect the demand for services and increase the risk of accidents.

Additional services

The best window cleaning companies offer a number of services that go beyond the regular exterior and interior cleaning. These include specialized window treatments like solar tinting, blinds and shades, glass restoration and more.

A good window cleaning company will also recommend a plan for removing dirt and grime from your windows. These plans typically include a pre-wash, post wash and an acid or lime wash for hard water stains.

Some companies even offer bundled rates for several different services. This is a smart move on many levels, from the homeowner’s pocketbook to the company’s bottom line. Often, the biggest benefit is a streamlined operation for both parties. Other notable offerings include a mobile app that lets customers track the status of their orders and an online customer portal. Lastly, a few window cleaners even offer complementary services that enhance their already impressive list of home improvement credentials. For example, a few companies will provide gutter cleaning and pressure washing as part of their bundled pricing. Next article.



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