High Rise Window Cleaning Specialists

Window cleaning is essential for keeping your building’s facade looking its best. It enhances the look of your commercial property and helps your tenants appreciate their view.

High rise window cleaning is a dangerous job, which requires experience and proper training to ensure safety. This is why it’s important to hire a service provider that places safety first. Read on to learn more.


Safety is a top priority for High Rise window cleaning specialists. They ensure that all their equipment is safe and in good condition, which results in less incidents of injury and happier clients.

The window cleaners themselves also take great care to avoid harming people and property while working. They wear a variety of personal protective gear, including gloves, eye protection and possibly respirators depending on the chemicals they use.

They also wear high-visibility clothing so others can easily spot them as they climb and work at heights. They also use harnesses and ropes to prevent falls.

Fortunately, death is extremely rare in this industry. The International Window Cleaning Association estimates that just one high-rise worker died in America per year between 2010 and 2014.


The job of High Rise window cleaning specialists is difficult and requires a lot of skill. Whether it’s working from ladders, extension poles or a bosun’s chair, these professionals know how to handle the challenge without compromising their safety.

Keeping windows clean prevents them from becoming deteriorated, which saves money in the long run by avoiding premature repairs and replacements. This is especially true for high-rise buildings that have a lot of dust and dirt on them.

As a result, it’s crucial to hire high rise window cleaning specialists with years of experience under their belts. They also have the right equipment and safety gear to do the job safely and efficiently.


High Rise window cleaning is a specialized janitorial profession that requires specialized equipment, training, and experience. It also calls for patience and courage to perform the job correctly.

Building owners and commercial real estate agents will appreciate the appearance of well-maintained windows. This will help maintain the value of the building and make it more appealing to new tenants.

The best way to ensure a safe high rise window cleaning job is to hire specialists who are OSHA-Certified. This ensures that they know all the safety regulations and understand how to follow them.

The best window cleaning contractors are OSHA-Certified, which means they have taken the time and effort to obtain the necessary qualifications to provide window cleaning services safely and efficiently. This will help lower the risk of workplace accidents and liability for both you and your workers.


Cleaning high-rise windows requires special equipment and safety measures to ensure the safety of workers and passersby. This includes secure professional harnesses and climbing equipment.

Several types of equipment are used by high rise window cleaners, including ladders, cradles and water-fed extension poles. These tools are less obstructive than stage scaffolding and can be anchored to the roof, making them invisible to occupants of the building.

Another popular piece of equipment is the bosun’s chair, which allows an operator to clean a window while sitting in a rigid seat with ropes attached. It is considered one of the safest pieces of equipment, as the user wears a full body harness that is secured to a security line that is attached to the roof.

Some companies also use carriages, which are a type of bosun’s chair with portable davits that allow a group of washers to access multiple areas on the exterior of a building. This equipment can be a great option for window washing when the building’s facade is too complicated to clean with ladders or extension poles. Discover more interesting articles.



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